We Died and Here We Are - 2016

We Died and Here We Are - 2016

“Set upon a bleak landscape bereft of greenery, the camera [in “We Died and Here We Are”] looks on while a young man hurriedly assaults the clay underfoot with a pickax and shovel. His frantic efforts make little progress and the scene eventually cuts to a backhoe, clawing a hole from the same patch of dirt…After a moment the heavy machinery can be seen performing the labor – yanking the husk of an automobile into the hole…The artist describes his work as an expression of grief for a deceased relative. That probably explains Kanaan’s decision to stage a performance of burial, but the work is intriguing by his deflating juxtaposition of fictive pretense with, well, a backhoe.” -Jim Quilty for Lebanon’s The Daily Star

© Mohamad Kanaan

– produced and edited by Isidore Bethel / directed by Mohamad Kanaan

– 9 minutes

– presented at the Beirut Art Center, recipient of Ashkal Alwan (Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts) Video Works grant

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