Grandir - 2013

Grandir - 2013

In Grandir, Dominique Cabrera explores her family’s origins following her father’s death and travels to Algeria to investigate her mother’s anonymous birth in an Oran hospital.

– edited by Isidore Bethel and Marc Daquin / directed by Dominique Cabrera

– 93 minutes, Ad Libitum Productions, Inthemood…, Splendor Films

– ACID Cannes, La Rochelle Film Festival, États généraux du film documentaire (Lussas), Rencontres Cinéma de Manosque – Du réel à l’imaginaire, Festival du film d’éducation (Evreux)

– Potemkine Prize at Cinéma du Réel

Le Figaro: Cabrera “achieves a beautiful portrait of her parents – significant, insightful, and moving.” (3/4 stars)
Télérama: “Recording memories, time’s passing, and happy moments – with the fear that it might all one day disappear – is the vital motor of this delicate film.”
L’Humanité: “Dominique Cabrera delivers her most personal film. Hats off to ACID Cannes for selecting it.”
Figaroscope: Cabrera, “via a series of small, sensitive, and discreet gestures, has woven together a beautiful, simple, and staying portrait of her parents. It’s an act of filial piety, as apt as it is touching.”
Nouvel Obs: “A poignant and soul-stirring summary of human existence.”
L’Officiel des spectacles: “A very personal film, off the beaten track.”
Premiere: “The universal themes and poignant images spark memories, fears, and feelings.”
Studio Ciné Live: “The filmmaker knows how to capture intimacy like no one else.”
Les Fiches du cinéma: “With next to nothing – a camcorder, her family, and a vision – Dominique Cabrera revisits the genre of the filmic diary and delivers a personal feature that elegantly weds tenderness and tenacity.”

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