Edit Sessions with BIPOC Filmmakers

Edit Sessions with BIPOC Filmmakers


I’m available for feedback sessions with filmmakers (professional or otherwise) and students who are Black, Indigenous, or People of Color or who belong to groups that institutions, governments, or authorities have disenfranchised. These sessions are free of charge. The process involves you sending me:
– a link to: raw footage, selections, an assembly, a teaser, or a rough cut as well as any other material you’d like (if you’re unable to upload to a video hosting service, please let me know – I have an account you can use)
– a message about where you are in your filmmaking process
– a message about what kind of feedback you’d like, if you have preferences (ie: a description in my own words of what I’m seeing, constructive comments, proposals for paths forward in the edit)

I will watch your material, take notes, and send feedback via email or over video chat as soon as I can. I’ll keep your material and our communication confidential, unless you specifically tell me otherwise.

I’m able to accept one project per week. This calendar indicates which weeks others have already booked. If there’s nothing on a given week, I am free. Please send me a message here to book a session.

I edit, produce, and direct films where people use filmmaking to make sense of overwhelming experiences. Films I have edited include Iliana Sosa’s What We Leave Behind, Juan Pablo González’s Caballerango, Dominique Cabrera’s Grandir, and Laurent Bécue-Renard’s Of Men and War; I directed Liam and Acts of Love (with Francis Leplay as co-author). Films I’m currently editing include Silvia Castaños and Estefanía Contreras’ Hummingbirds, Lucas Habte’s Happy You’re Here, Arturo González Villaseñor’s Semillas de pólvora, and Sophie Schrago’s Beneath her Feet. I’m white, cisgender, and gay, and my pronouns are he/him; I am a US-French citizen and speak English, French, and Spanish.

Supporting films as an editor and producer has taught me about others’ ways of approaching the world. Accompanying filmmakers on the journeys they chart out for themselves gives my own life purpose and meaning. I look forward to figuring out how I can be helpful for you.


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